Cocos Island

A primeval paradise

Far off mainland Costa Rica, Cocos Island is a remote green speck in the Pacific Ocean. This untamed, jungle-clad island was the unofficial inspiration behind Jurassic Park, with waterfalls cascading from a fortress of mountains and no official inhabitants other national park rangers.

The deep blue waters surrounding it are considered the most shark populated on Earth. As it’s roughly a thirty-five hour sail from the nearest civilisation, most of the island’s visitors live beneath the waves, such as giant manta rays, sailfish and the world’s largest aggregations of the near-threatened silky sharks.

Underwater drop offs and seamounts the size of small islands make Cocos Island an unmissable deep-sea dive destination. Onboard a research vessel — or a superyacht with a support boat in tow — you can search these waters alongside our marine guides for some of the largest predators to roam the ocean.

Descend in a submersible to the base of Everest, a seamount named by our submersible pilot, and look overhead to hundreds, sometimes thousands, of scalloped hammerheads and mobile rays circling in the currents. We can incorporate conservation into your adventure so that your deep-sea dives could help scientists learn more about this precious ecosystem.

If the time of year is right, we can also organise for you to visit the Costa Rican Thermal Dome, one of the Pacific’s richest ecosystems. This oceanographic phenomenon, caused by an upwelling of cold, nutrient-rich waters from the deep creates an explosion of algae and plankton, attracting a staggering amount of marine species in one the natural world’s greatest spectacles. It’s a particularly difficult proposition to execute as the dive site changes diameter and position every year, but that’s part of the fun.

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