South Georgia Island

Shackleton's final conquest

A thousand nautical miles east from Cape Horn, South Georgia Island sits where the cool waters of the South Atlantic meet the frigid seas further south. Here there is no permanent human settlements but shores home to millions of waddling penguins, including some of the world’s largest colonies of chinstraps, gentoos, kings and macaronis.

A yachting expedition to these waters would follow in the footsteps of legendary explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton. On an unforgettable journey of your own, be led by our polar experts to shores rarely visited for mountaineering, cave diving, ski touring or kayaking to crystalline glaciers.

The time spent reaching this land is quickly paid off with an overwhelming amount of wildlife on its shores. Seals, whales and many species of sea bird, including the wandering albatross—Sir David Attenborough’s favourite—all reproduce on South Georgia Island. Elephant seals get into bloody battles on the beaches and hourglass dolphins, one of the least-studied cetaceans in the world, arrive to play in the summer months.

We can introduce you to researchers so that you can contribute to conservation projects such as aerial photography from your helicopter, which will enable population surveys of penguins. With a submersible on board, you can also explore areas underwater that only a handful of people in this world have seen – where it is still possible to discover a marine species unknown to science.

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