The world's oldest island

Madagascar is a story of what happens when a collection of animals and plants are cast away and left to evolve in complete isolation for millions of years. Its resting place in the Indian Ocean and unusual geological formation all contribute to the rich fortunes of the world’s oldest island.

Its varied landscapes are living time capsules. On the western side, a peach-coloured landscape is punctuated with bulging baobab trees and jagged limestone tsingy. To the east, separated by a spine of mountains that runs the length of the island, rainforests sing with the eerie calls of endemic lemur and coastal waters have emerged as a new shark hotspot.

Rarely considered as a superyacht destination, Madagascar’s potential for adventure is only just being discovered. Although it has a wealth of landscapes and endemic species, the country currently does not have the infrastructure to connect it all together, thus a yacht adventure with a helicopter onboard would provide unprecedented access to some of the least explored reserves in Africa.

Around Northern Madagascar, small coral islands lie relatively unvisited. Together we can choose where to anchor – in the rich waters surrounding the Radames Archipelago or near the idyllic Nosy islands. Spend a night on a private island and enjoy sundowners on the beach, and head out with our divers the next morning to spot shipwrecks, nudibranchs, barracudas and circling white tip reef sharks.

Together we can create a yacht expedition like no other.

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