Bijagós Islands

Guinea-Bissau's little known archipelago

Bijagós means serious business. This hidden archipelago, three hours from the West African coast, is an untouched idyll of pristine beaches and old-growth forests. Spend each day at a new island, picking between one of the 68 uninhabited options for rare, al-fresco dining and uninterrupted water sports. Cookson’s crew will do the rest.

Look beyond the white sands and you’ll see scene-stealing wildlife, from playful chimpanzees and riotously colourful birdlife to roaring hippo and tortoises. This is also a matriarchal society, where women choose their menfolk. Fascinatingly, most of them are also animists, believing that places, objects and creatures possess spiritual essence.

There’s also a glimpse of Bijagós’s past to be seen in its crumbling colonial facades and traditional thatched villages. Faded, overgrown streets of neoclassical buildings tell a story of Bolama’s colonised past. Explore the former 19th-century capital with a leading historian and head to the almost-inaccessible harbour where Guineans used to hide from colonisers.

Also, sitting in the heart of the Bijagós Islands, Kere’s unspoiled wilderness has been compared to the Garden of Eden. Take a moment along its beaches to fish for prize-worthy tarpon, which can weigh over a hundred kilos A seasoned French fisherman will show you the ropes.

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