Antarctic logistics

Maximising each adventure

Our team have crafted and delivered what are arguably the most complex private Antarctic expeditions of modern times. A trip in the 2018/19 season had three vessels working together for a single group of guests, utilising two helicopters, a submersible and a vastly skilled team of experts. This involved detailed planning and comprehensive logistics to seamlessly bring together an adventure in Antarctica that few had done before.

Cookson Adventures only work with the best in Antarctica. This means we can give you access to activities and specialists that other companies simply cannot offer, such as ice-climbing near historic research stations, ski touring and meeting with leading climate change scientists.

If you need a submersible or helicopter on board, our team ensures your yacht has acquired all the necessary permits, safety assessments and has the capacity to accommodate your chosen assets. This might mean we need to modify the yacht—such as building a crane onto its deck—but we welcome a challenge. Everything required in planning a complex voyage is covered by Cookson so that you can enjoy the continent at its best.

Adhering to Antarctic guidelines

By working closely with your chosen vessel’s captain and crew, we can ensure your adventure is compliant with Antarctic guidelines. Larger yachts, for example, require an experienced ice pilot to be on board to navigate around floating icebergs and calving glaciers, each of whom is carefully hand-picked by us. We also recruit your full expedition team and provide activity equipment for your group.

We obtain all the necessary Antarctic permits through the rigorous UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office. The team collaborates with other industry leaders to ensure we deliver truly experiential expeditions, all the while adhering to the thorough Antarctic Treaty and IAATO (International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators) rules and guidelines.


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