Untapped adventure in Russia’s restless peninsula

Journey on a superyacht to Kamchatka and explore where few others have

Kamchatka is one of the most remote regions of Russia’s Far East. This land of primal beauty resembles our planet in the early chapters of its creation, with spurting geysers and erupting calderas. A destination for the intrepid traveller, for those who can’t afford to stand still.

Launch your adventure from a superyacht and enjoy comfort in a region so unexplored that it still lacks the infrastructure. With no roads or railways connecting the peninsula to the outside world, Kamchatka has remained a haven for the incredible wildlife which thrives here.

In the summer months, follow our trackers for intimate encounters with mammoth brown bears who come to feed off abundant salmon runs, or head out to the water in search of migrating killer whales alongside our seasoned marine guides.

This 1,250-kilometre-long stretch of land, bordered by the Pacific to the east and the Sea of Okhotsk to the west, is home to around 300 volcanoes, with nearly 30 of these still erupting with spectacular regularity.

Relax in one of 200 thermal springs – some so big they are classified as lakes – or scale the peninsula’s heights with our expert mountain guides to summit an unconquered volcano. After a challenging climb, let our guides find tranquil spots for fly fishing, sea kayaking in whale-filled waters, or to hone your kite surfing skills alongside our accomplished instructors.

Beyond the peninsula, stretching south towards Japan, the Kuril Islands dot the Sea of Okhotsk. Here in this beautifully verdant chain of islands, you can search for sperm whales, orcas, rare birdlife, sea lions and otters, before sailing into flooded craters to explore abandoned Soviet submarine bases.

Few visitors will leave feeling anything other than awe-struck in this seldom-travelled corner of the world.

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