Introducing the first luxury off-grid camps in Socotra

Discover the Yemeni Galapagos

  • Explore Socotra's Haggeher mountains and sweeping coastline by land, air and water
  • Cookson Adventures to organise special access to this unique Indian Ocean island
  • Be immersed in Socotra's history and culture from leading experts and local Soqotris

All footage and imagery taken on location by Cookson Adventures (Jan 2023)

The secretive Arabian island of Socotra can now be explored and experienced from a custom luxury camp at a level never possible before in this rarely visited destination. World-leading adventure travel company, Cookson Adventures, has launched an exclusive adventure, which will see guests be immersed in the staggering wildness of Socotra’s landscapes by land, air and water.

Like the Galápagos, Socotra has evolved in near-isolation. This has meant its UNESCO alien landscapes host one of the highest levels of species endemism offering plenty of opportunity for adventure thrills and an enthralling cultural past and present.

On this transformative adventure, guests can expect special access to archaeological sites hidden in caves, to take to the skies on an adrenaline-fuelled flight by gyrocopter and enjoy audiences with local leaders, including sheikhs pioneering biodiversity and competition-winning local poets. Each adventure is tailored round the interests of the guests, whether that may be learning more about the region’s unique culture and biodiversity through studying ancient texts with a scholar or heading out to explore the dramatic coastline with local fishermen.

Guests will retire each day to a tented camp set up just for the group in two breathtaking natural locations. The first is a beach camp on Socotra’s deserted white-sand coastline, where guests need only to step out of their tent to SUP, fish and snorkel. The second is a mountain camp location set among world’s only dragon blood trees and is only accessible by foot, camel and heli. With sweeping panoramic views over this unique forest, guests can gather round the campfire at night to hear more about local folklore, stargaze or even enjoy an outdoor film screening.

Henry Cookson, Founder of Cookson Adventures comments:
“Socotra’s been on my radar for over 13 years. It was a destination that was right up at the top of the list of places I had to see and I just missed my chance by one day when the world went into lockdown in 2020. There’s the draw of its diverse terrain that includes dragon blood tree forests, ancient caves, wadis and white sand dunes and not to mention its unique culture, having been isolated from the world for so long.

After finally making the journey in January 2023, I feel strongly that there is a magic and energy in Socotra unlike anywhere else in the world. There is a deep authenticity in the culture and the people and for me that was the surprise. Initially, I was more intrigued and interested in the endemic wildlife and the terrain, the otherworldly landscapes that are unlike anywhere else on this planet, yet it was the people we met, their deep passion for their rich culture, their openness and their generous hospitality which blew me away and won the prize for what is already an unbeatable travel experience”.

All imagery taken by Cookson Adventures’ photographer, Louis Waite, in January 2023

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