Cookson Adventures x ICON Yachts

Introducing a shared new vision for the future of exploration in yachting

  • The launch of this short film gives viewers an exclusive insight into the process behind designing elite yachting adventures through interviews and new footage of the expedition yacht, Project MASTER

May 2023 – World-leading luxury adventure travel company, Cookson Adventures and master Dutch builder, ICON Yachts have come together for the first time to collaborate on a short film to reflect on their shared passion for expedition yachting and share their renewed vision of yachting centred around purpose-driven travel.

ICON Yachts owner, Micca Ferrero, and Nick Davies, Managing Director of Cookson Adventures both give an insight into how both companies are marrying their unique skills and expertise from over 32 years of combined knowledge to facilitate a greater focus on marine conservation and science in yachting. Benefits from this collaboration include being able to foresee more accurately what the next generation of explorers will require from these cutting-edge vessels in both design and travel experiences. This could be anything from sub diving with cutting-edge sonar equipment to assist in mapping the ocean floor and attempting to identify new marine species to hosting scientists on board and dedicating space for a world-class laboratory so they can share their findings and knowledge with guests in real time.

Filmed in March 2023 at the ICON Yachts shipyard in the Netherlands, this collaboration gives viewers an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at Project MASTER, which is currently in build and set to be one of the world’s most capable explorer yachts. Previously a loaden offshore rescue and standby vessel, this ambitious conversion project, expected to be delivered by 2025, is a fitting backdrop to the film’s conversation around the future of exploration in yachting.

As an increasing number of owners and charterers look to discover our world’s more remote and challenging destinations by yacht, both Nick and Micca look at how this shift is opening up more opportunities to support conservation and science research as well as how vital it is to incorporate this explorer mindset into every aspect of the design process from an early stage.

Nick Davies, Managing Director of Cookson Adventures comments:“Rarely do shipyards and expedition providers come together to shine a light on the process that goes into designing elite yachting adventures. By collaborating from the concept stage and sharing our expertise, we’re then able to design complex and meaningful travel expeditions for clients which have purpose. We are excited to provide our input into the design and operation of Project MASTER and we hope to use her as a platform to explore more remote regions of the world in the future. With a state-of-the-art science lab and heli pad, the opportunities to design immersive and impactful conservation focused experiences anywhere around the world will be endless”.

Micca Ferrero, Owner of ICON Yachts, states:“It is a true honour to join forces with Cookson Adventures within a historic collaboration during the entire lifecycle of Project MASTER. This exceptional exploration yacht is designed with adventure and scientific expedition in mind, equipped with a full suite of solutions to support the missions while aiming at consistently reducing carbon footprint and environmental impact. ICON Yachts and Cookson Adventures are, therefore, able to deliver a long-term philanthropic project around the vessel, and gather a unique community of like-minded travellers, experts, and scientists across the globe.”

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