Adventure to the island of New Britain in Papua New Guinea by yacht

Explore one of world’s least-explored countries with Cookson Adventures

  • Shadow world-leading conservationists on a scientific expedition in the Nakanai mountains
  • Stay in a world-first tented camp overlooking the 1,000ft-deep Naré sinkhole
  • Cookson Adventures to organise a personalised itinerary of jungle adventures & tribal encounters

London 2024 – Luxury adventure travel company, Cookson Adventures, is renowned for crafting ultra-personalised adventures in remote destinations. Cookson Adventures has identified New Britain as a top destination for 2024 for those with a thirst to explore. The world’s largest tropical island, it lies fifty-five miles off the main coastline and remains tantalisingly unexplored.

This new adventure will see guests exploring the coastline by explorer yacht, exploring shipwrecks from a state-of-the-art submersible around the Duke of York islands and venturing inland to sleep on the precipice of an enormous sinkhole in a custom-built tented camp. For passionate conservationists, Cookson Adventures can organise an additional experience for guests to shadow researchers as they scale towering trees and descend into uncharted cave systems in search of species that are new to science. This intrepid itinerary will encompass everything from spearfishing with tribal chiefs to rappelling out of helis to create an immersive adventure, spanning the jungle and coastline, in one of the world’s least explored countries.

Research expedition to New Britain Island 

Support a UNESCO World Heritage application

For guests who want to be at the forefront of a ground-breaking conservation project to support our natural world, they can shadow a team that includes some of the world’s leading scientists and expedition specialists. This expedition will begin what is a long-term exploration project in Papua New Guinea’s Nakanai Mountains.

The project’s primary mission is to improve our first-hand knowledge of an ecosystem, which is considered one of the most biodiverse places in existence. From establishing monitoring plots and DNA barcoding to cataloguing and explorations into undocumented cave systems, this expedition will see a series of conservation-based research methods put into place to help establish and support the protection of the region’s rich cultural and ecological identity. This expedition will be sharing its findings with the local community and hoping its findings will help to support a crucial UNESCO World Heritage application to protect the Nakanai Mountains.

HOW: Cookson Adventures can organise a tailored adventure to Papua New Guinea with an exclusive-use custom sinkhole camp from £336,000 for up to 12 guests. This includes heli charters, expert guides, jungle adventures, tribal encounters as well as itinerary planning and a Cookson Adventures host.

Excludes flights and yacht charter costs as dependant on chosen yacht

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