World-first sub diving in the Pacific

A new wave of exploration

At Cookson, we know there’s so much more to be discovered in our oceans. Our dives have uncovered thousand-year-old shipwrecks and species thought to be extinct.  

For that reason, we're sailing M/Y SuRi around the Pacific with a 7-seat submersible onboard. The islands we explore are up to you. 

From the Solomons where Second World War wrecks lie undetected to uncharted rocky outcrops where sharks congregate in the thousands, you will explore places no human has ever been to before.

And, whether it's a marine biologist or an archaeologist at your side, all of your family's findings will be brought to life so that you don’t miss a thing.

What's more, the sub will be mounted with a multibeam echosounder, meaning that you'll be the first member of the public to contribute to Seabed 2030 – the mission to create a complete 3D map of the ocean floor.

No need to hold your breath: there’s a new way to explore. 

 French Polynesia

Search for life beneath the waves

Scattered for thousands of miles across the South Pacific Ocean, French Polynesia has much to offer an adventurous soul. From Tahiti to the Tuamotu Islands—and with leading adventurers at your side—you can explore this idyllic archipelago further than most people have on the planet.

Dive in a submersible and search for historic wrecks or schools of sailfish, mahi mahi and barracuda in its deep blue waters. A marine biologist will join you to bring all of your encounters to life, while dinner is prepared by a chef on board a private yacht, anchored at an island of your choosing.


An escape fit for Robinson Crusoe

Fiji’s secluded, palm-fringed beaches and tropical waters have long been the hot-ticket for a beach getaway, but there’s so much more to discover — if you know where to look. To explore this far-flung archipelago in its entirety, we suggest spending a week onboard SuRi hopping between Polynesian banquets with the tribal chief and ocean feeding stations where you can study the majestic manta ray displays in a submersible.

Solomon Islands

Coral gardens & Second World War wrecks

East of Papua New Guinea lies an archipelago unknown to most: the Solomon Islands. Dotted across the South Pacific Ocean, these jungled islands are surrounded by quartz clear waters and hundreds of Second World War relics from one of the planet’s bloodiest battles. 

Eighty years on, sunken Japanese and American warships, aircraft and submarines have been claimed by Mother Nature. Black tip sharks weave between the rusty frameworks, crustaceans scale their slowly decaying walls and iridescent fish inspect the coral that rises from the seabed. 

Explore at the edge of discovery.

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