Underwater exploration in private submersibles

Explore the ocean's unseen in a state-of-the-art submersible

71% of the planet’s surface is water, and below the depths of the majestic ocean, there is an abundance of exquisite, hidden treasures. From the icy Antarctic sea to the warmer waters surrounding idyllic archipelagos, get closer to a breathtaking seascape in a submersible that allows you to reach new depths in style.

Including a submersible in your itinerary will add a very special element to any adventure. Spot the rarest of marine life in its natural habitat and experience a visual feast usually only afforded to the world’s leading naturalists and filmmakers.

In Palau, World War II relics dot the ocean floor as thousands of red snappers gather to spawn every full moon. Be left speechless as you view bumphead parrotfish, dugongs, Palau nautilus and Napoleon wrasse. Or head to the Galápagos Islands and explore the rock and lava formations beneath the waves that provide the perfect backdrop for beautiful photography of manta rays and Galápagos sharks.

Today’s submersibles are not just custom-designed and individually engineered, they are revolutionising the way people dive. Superlative levels of safety and new levels of comfort deliver an uncompromising experience. In the most extraordinary continent on the planet you might take the controls yourself through Antarctic’s deep blue waters and plunge a submersible off the coast of Marguerite Bay, searching for the exquisite marine life that lies below. While in the Revillagigedo Islands join the Pacific’s superhighway, observing some of the earth’s most extraordinary creatures riding its currents.

Wherever you decide, savour uninterrupted views thanks to an ultra-clear acrylic hull, connecting you seamlessly with the ocean that surrounds you as state-of-the-art LED lights illuminate the secrets of the deep and dark waters. Taking inspiration from superyachts, this next generation of submersibles boast luxurious fit-outs, efficient air conditioning and surround sound music.

For your next adventure add a submersible to your itinerary for a spectacular highlight to an already exceptional expedition. With you in control of where you go the options for exploration are almost as boundless as your imagination.

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