Gorilla conservation in Gabon

Venture to the Gabonese rainforests and contribute to vital conservation work

Hornbill-filled trees and mandrills set the scene for some of the largest troops of lowland gorillas to walk the planet. On the west coast of Central Africa, deep in the Gabonese rainforests, around 80 percent of Africa’s gorilla population takes shelter – but they are in danger, with their population halved in the last 20 years due to the bushmeat trade.

This is the ultimate jungle experience and will allow you to contribute to vital conservation work, walking with our primate researchers to get close to these gentle creatures for a truly life-affirming adventure. Visit gorilla orphanages, watch footage from jungle camera traps and trek to meet family troops with expert primatologists.

Gabon is a country of contrasts, boasting mangroves and savannahs, lagoons and mountains. With a private yacht as your base, fly by helicopter over some of the oldest human settlements on earth and take in the beauty of a land carpeted in rainforest and enigmatic African wildlife.

Back on the ground visit the protected national parks that include the largest tropical forests in Africa and spend the night under the stars in a luxurious, bespoke camp, waking up to uninterrupted views of vast red rock canyons ready for climbing.

Venture in a 4×4 to beaches where elephants, buffalos and hippos have been known to take a dip in the ocean just metres from breaching humpback whales. You can also find green, olive ridley and hawksbill turtles along Gabon’s coastline, as well as the largest leatherback population in the world.

Just an overnight sail from Gabon, the breathtaking volcanic islands of São Tomé and Príncipe lie straddling the Equator. Dubbed the ‘African Galápagos’ they are home to more endemic species per square mile than anywhere else on earth and provide a unique habitat to explore along with a fascinating culture to discover.

Get close to these gentle creatures for truly life-affirming memories

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