Explore the secrets of Socotra

Mother Nature, but not as you know her.

For those who have heard of it, Socotra has a reputation. A history fraught in territorial dispute has meant there are virtually no tourists visiting this secretive Arabian island. The reward for reaching its hypnotically blue (and now peaceful) shores, however, is almost unimaginable—as there’s no other place like it on Earth. Alongside our ex-Military specialists, you can enter a world of alien landscapes and explore a culture eager to share stories from one of the last untouched islands in the world.

Left to evolve in isolation for millions of years, Socotra’s collection of species has one of the planet’s highest levels of endemism, yet it hasn’t received half the stardom seen by the Galápagos. Here you can search for outlandish trees that seep a red, blood-like resin or race sand-boards down dunes for hundreds of metres towards the beach.

Either way, your tailored itinerary would be the very first of its kind. 

The Socotran Archipelago is notoriously hard to reach, which is why our on-the-ground handlers are currently developing new ways of travelling there. We recce every location before our guests arrive, which allows us to meet all expectations, exceed them and do so at the height of safety. Now, let the mind wonder. These are few of the hidden delights found in the Socotran Archipelago.

Dragon blood trees – There’s nothing usual about dragon blood trees: They bleed a crimson-coloured resin and have thick, knotted branches that reach out like an umbrella. This is just one of the endemic species that transform Socotra’s landscape into an alien one, and a visit to the island is not complete without a glimpse.

Heart-racing adventure – From paragliding between mountainous valleys to kite-surfing along the sweeping coastline, the sky’s really the limit. There won’t have been another adventure like this.

Your own Socotran camp – In a land where accommodation is yet to go beyond the basic, we can design a camp for you that’s complete with all the amenities needed to bring a slice of home to Socotra. Think hot showers, tented dining rooms and verandahs that look out to the piercing blue waters.

Underwater exploration – Fragments of old ships are scattered in the shallow waters surrounding the island. By snorkel or scuba dive, you can inspect the creatures living around Socotra alongside a dive guide or a marine biologist, searching for pods of inquisitive spinner dolphins or majestic manta rays swirling in the currents. We could also arrange night dives for you, to see the creatures that emerge after the lights go out.

Let’s have some fun with your next adventure.

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