Breathtaking Baja California Sur

Dive deep to discover an abundance of marine wildlife and explore rugged desert terrain

The Sea of Cortez boasts waters so rich in marine wildlife that they were once described by Jacques Cousteau as ‘the world’s aquarium’.

Immerse yourself in an incredible voyage around the Baja Peninsula and go in search of seals, whale sharks and pods of dolphins, seeing this underwater wonder as Cousteau once saw it.

Close wildlife encounters are guaranteed, whether it’s playful manta rays or looming grey whales. Explore Baja’s waters for breaching humpbacks, enormous blue whales – the world’s largest mammal – and gatherings of friendly grey whales, who might raise their chin up to your boat to be stroked. Dive at Cabo Pulmo alongside schooling hammerhead, silky and bull sharks and take part in shark conservation projects at the only living reef on the western coastline of North America.

Contrasting with the crystal blue sea, the Baja Peninsula presents an untamed and almost mystical landscape with rugged desert terrain that can be explored on custom-built dune buggies. Kayak through the jungle mangroves or snorkel along the thriving coral reefs in search of octopuses and sea turtles or sail to Los Islotes to snorkel alongside sea lions who beckon you to come and play.

Experience a fascinating culture that mixes mainland Mexican with indigenous traditions while strolling through 16th-century colonial streets searching for ‘Baja Med’ cuisine. With the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean lapping at its shores, the Baja Peninsula has become known for its fresh seafood cuisine, so revel in a range of gastronomic delights, from street market stalls to full tasting menus overlooking stunning vineyards.

Hike or horse ride along Baja’s mountains and coastlines and explore the wilderness with local ranchers. Passing through creeks and canyons, visit a local ranch and help cowboys feed and herd their cattle.

Back at sea, Baja’s waters are renowned for deep-sea fishing. Spend the day on a specialist vessel angling for marlin, dorado, wahoo and yellowfin tuna, then explore the rugged coastline and visit Bahia de las Animas – The Bay of Souls – to see how remote communities have fished in the same way for over a century here, catching stingray to take to market.

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