Arctic heli-skiing in Baffin Island’s remote fjords

Discover one of the last skiable wildernesses with your personal and private Arctic camp

A brand-new base camp for unique heli-skiing adventurers is being constructed among the remote fjords of Baffin Island.

The spectacular homeland of the Inuit and an Arctic playground for the adventurous, Baffin Island is hidden in Canada’s frozen North and is a place of extremes: towering cliffs dramatically rise from the frozen sea ice and deep snowy valleys are the roaming ground for polar bears and Arctic foxes.

Guided by your Cookson Adventures host, explore Baffin Island’s dramatic landscape with cat and heli-skiing and access some of the world’s most exclusive powder. Challenge yourself to carve through the polar landscapes over 6 days, to breathe in the all-encompassing beauty of the brilliant white slopes and test yourself on terrain that includes some of the highest vertical cliff faces and longest couloirs on the planet.

This new, privately owned collection of four geodesic dome tents and a dining, bathroom and club-house tent, will be the ultra-comfortable base for a group of up to eight to experience the best that Canada’s icy, mountainous wilderness has to offer.

You will reach rarely explored locations in a 10-seater snow cat. Or, take to the skies in either a 4-person or 8-person helicopter, brought to the site by ferry from Iqaluit. Venture to uncharted mountainsides to ski down idyllic, fresh powder slopes. Baffin Island has so many unexplored areas that as the first person to ski a slope, you will be able to name the line yourself.

Canada’s Arctic territory is home to its native Inuit people. You will have the chance to experience the rich culture of these First Nations people and see how they have lived for millennia amidst this spectacular setting. The area is also the habitat of polar bears that roam the fjords, making it possible for a memorable, and safe, encounter guided by hosts with extensive knowledge of this magnificent creature.

Contact our expert team and see how you could be experiencing some of the best skiing in the world in Canada’s remote wilderness.

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